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Quality Assurance - Quality Control

The QA/QC Department is well equipped with Qualified Inspectors, The company’s Quality policy has to provide the best products of high quality in affordable prices at the agreed time and strive for enhancing customer satisfaction, The QA/QC Inspectors carry out inspection tests in accordance with National & International standards with the established procedures & forms to ensure conformity of the products up to the specifications with regards to thickness, dimensional and some of the important tests conducted.

UPVC & CPVC Pipes Tests Conducted as follows

  1. Visual Appearances,

  2. Line Inspection for General & Geometrical Characteristics,

  3. Pipe Weight,

  4. Stress Test,

  5. Impact Test,

  6. Opacity Test,

  7. Longitudinal Reversions Test,

  8. Resistance to Dichloro-Methane Test,

  9. Toxicity Test (Lead and Tin Extraction),

  10. Water Absorption Test,

  11. Resistance to Sulphuric acid.

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