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About Us

Tamkeen Modern Pipes Company was established on a giant area of 40,000 square meters in the Second Industrial City of Jeddah, to fulfill the market demand for plastic pipes, which are used in a large number of applications in hot and cold water networks, sewage, electricity and various other different applications. UPVC pipes manufacture and supply for complete plastic piping systems, ( water supply, waste drainage, ventilation, sewer & irrigation, electric, housing, telecom, construction, and industries. Since its establishment, it has paid great attention to this industry in terms of advanced modern technologies and procedures with enforcement of National and International Quality Standards in production lines. Tamkeen manufactures a wide range of UPVC - plastic pipes in accordance with Saudi Standard Specifications ( SASO ISO 1452/1/2/2011 ) , German specifications ( DIN - 8061 / 8062 ) , American specifications ( ASTM D 1784 / D1785 - D2665 - D2241 ) in different sizes ( mm / inch ) , starting from 20mm to 630 mm & 1/2 to 8 Inch . The monitoring and quality control of the product is done inside the factory's high-tech laboratories which utilize the latest techniques and devices in accordance with distinct industrial specifications. Therefore, Tamkeen company guarantees to provide a product matching the quality and safety standards implemented in diverse government and private projects, always striving to meet market needs with high-quality products.


Infrastructure Pipeline System

1. PVC pipes with sizes up to 630mm for water/drainage / ducting.

Plumbing Systems

1. PVC pipes for water/drainage.

2. Pipes, clamps & hangers.

3. Solvent Cement / Cleaners / Lubricants.


To be a trusted business group and preferred business partner. 


Be a strategic business partner in all sectors we work in to create maximum value while sustaining profitability for shareholders in order to keep investing in improving our services and products.

Core Value

Ownership: Responsibilities equal accountability equals ownership.

Commitment: Being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person with the sense of urgency to timelines.

Efficiency: The quality of producing an effect or result with a reasonable degree of effort to energy expended.

Integrity: Strict adherence to moral values and principles.

Attitude: It is all about attitude; think positive and act accordingly.

Team Work: To work cooperatively especially in a joint intellectual effort.

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